Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Are Hypnosis Phone Apps Worth it?

Just like any other business, hypnosis and hypnotherapy seems to be jumping into the technology arena. And it looks like the new trend is leaning towards hypnosis phone apps.

Let’s face it, they are convenient because you can easily download them to your smart phone (which everyone seems to have nowadays) and for the most part they are inexpensive.

But the question is, are they worth it?

The good part for the hypnotist is that at $0.50 to $5.00 per app, they are a pretty easy sell. There is not a huge investment on the part of the consumer. And for the most part, if it turns out to be useless garbage, the customer will less likely moan and groan about a few dollars.

However, the down side is that by creating apps and selling them for a few dollars each, the hypnotist has just lowered their standards as a professional in the field.

After all, why in the world would a client visit a hypnotist for a live hypnosis session at $100 to $300 per session when they can buy the quitting smoking app for $2.99? So what the hypnotist does in essence, is tells the world that his or her services are only really valued at a few dollars.

So what’s wrong with the customer getting a sweet deal? Nothing is wrong with it but just like anything else in life you need to use some basic common sense.

For example, if the going rate in my area to replace the roof on my home is $3,000 and some company comes along and says they can do it for $20, would I simply consider this a sweet deal and go for it? Or would I ask more questions because this just sounds to good to be true? Like most people, I would ask more questions and find out why they are only charging $20 for a job that usually runs $3,000.

Now, I do offer "real" hypnosis MP3’s on my website at a lower cost. I do this for the folks who cannot afford a live hypnosis session with us. And I also have the option to create hypnosis phone apps to be offered to my clients. However, I choose not to simply for the fact that I personally believe that it is a cheesy way of taking advantage of people.

The general consensus, from my clients at least, is that they aren’t worth the $1.99 that they paid for it. In addition I don’t believe in selling "low priced" items in order to avoid the risk of refund requests. And lastly, although some may value their education, experience and success rate in the field of hypnosis at $1.99, my clients can attest that we are worth a little more than that.

So in closing, if you’re looking to have a little fun at the cost of some spare change, my advice is to go ahead and download them. Just keep a realistic mind about them and know that they are really for entertainment purposes only. They are not a true form of therapy that is meant to change you.

It simply is what it is...a $1.99 phone app, not a miracle.

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