Sunday, March 25, 2012

7 Common Misconceptions about Subliminal Hypnosis MP3's

1. It is instant: One of main ways subliminal messaging is portrayed is as an instantfix. This, sadly, is not the case. While there will be a few lucky people who experience a benefit very soon after listening, they are in the minority. Subliminal messaging works better in the longer term, when the messages really start to build in your mind. Generally early experiences may range from you feeling more energized and focused to experiencing a clarity of mind and a burst of motivation. However, in the longer term you should experience a larger shift in your perception and beliefs and a solid, lasting change in your behavior.

Of course it also depends on the type of recording you are using. If it is a personal development type of recording addressing a deep personal issue then it will likely be a gradual change. Recordings with more instant results are ones such as relaxation and positive attitude as these types are meant to focus you straight away and give you a boost there and then - i.e. help you to relax, or help you to think more positive.

2. You lose control: Some people are worried that they will lose control, or could even be made to do things against their will. Nothing could be further from the truth. Unlike traditional hypnosis for example you will stay conscious and in full control throughout the experience. You can never be made to do something you don't want to do. You actually keep full control at all times - i.e. if you do not fully want the change and you are not focusing on it happening - then it won't happen.

3. You enter a trance: Unlike hypnosis you will NOT enter a trance at all. You will be fully conscious while listening. This means you can listen on the move, while studying, exercising etc. You can fit the recording into your day as you prefer. However, we still recommend not listening while driving because even though you will not enter a trance there are suggestions to help you relax and calm your mind.

4. They are illegal: This is an exaggeration. The only instance they are not allowed is within advertising or to manipulate others without their knowledge. For personal use subliminal recording are completely legal. The key is that you have to be aware that subliminal messages are being used and consent to them so if you are using them on yourself to overcome problems and help you achieve goals, then there is no problem at all.

5. They are dangerous: Although it is true that they are banned from advertising due to the potential to manipulate people against their will, the label of them being "dangerous" is irrelevant when positive messages are used for personal use. Not to mention, your mind is smarter than you think and it would protect you from any danger.

6. The can contain negative messages: In relation to the point above, most reputable hypnosis providers will only create subliminal audio's containing positive messages. However, some people are still skeptical, wondering "perhaps they contain messages like 'buy more subliminals' or just 'I love subliminals'." We have certainly never heard of any company doing this. In fact, even if messages like these were to be used it's unlikely that it would produce the desired effect. If an immoral company did include these types of messages yet the recordings did not achieve it's primary purpose, then it is unlikely that you would buy more subliminals because you would still have the ability to think logically that the audio didn't work for you.

7. They require no further effort: We've saved this one till last - it is a double edged sword and one of the things which attracts people to subliminal messaging. But at the same time it is an exaggeration and not 100% true.

The bottom line is that if you ONLY use a subliminal album, i.e. without taking anyconscious action or working towards your goal, then you will not get a very positive result. Subliminal recordings are simply meant as an aid and a tool to help you reach your goal, but they are not meant to do it all for you.

Subliminal messages work in several ways, but primarily they align your mind to your goals to make you focused, committed, and more motivated, to make sure you stay on track and go all out to achieve success. And if you do not put in this primary level of effort to work towards a change to start with, then the subliminal messages will only have a limited effect.

We hope you have found these truths interesting as there are actually a lot of benefits of using subliminal messages if they are used correctly. We will touch on a few of them in an upcoming blog.

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