Saturday, September 8, 2012

Six Weeks To OMG Review:

"Six Weeks To OMG; Get Skinnier Than All Your Friends" by Venice A. Fulton

When I first seen the title I thought this was a joke. Then I began to realize that this was a serious attempt to catch people’s attention. Then I began to feel sorry for all the people who are actually going to get tricked into buying yet another lost cause diet book. Then I thought it might be a good idea to warn my blog readers so they can save a bucks.

So let's crack to it - why I am opposed to this diet?

1. It recommends limiting fruit intake.
Research has shown that fruit may actually help prevent certain cancers, lower heart disease, and strengthen your immune system. As any knowledgeable dietitian will tell you, eating fruit is almost always a major part of any successful weight loss regime. Sure, if you eat too much fruit, you can take in too many calories, but the recommended two to four daily servings are not going to have that effect.

2. It suggests that carbs are carbs.
Do you know the difference between a piece if chocolate cake and an apple? Fulton argues that your body doesn't. He seems to be looking strictly at calories as if a tiny piece of chocolate cake is no worse than a very large apple. However, you also need to look at the health benefits of foods and how they digest differently in our bodies. For example, a high-fiber bowl of cereal will definitely keep you fuller longer than the same size bowl of high-sugar cereal, because fiber takes longer to digest. Unlike added sugar, more fiber can help stabilize blood sugars and keep you fuller longer. And that is what helps to prevent overeating, which results in fewer calories consumed.

3. It encourages exercise first thing in the morning, after drinking black coffee, and on an empty stomach.
Okay, so rhe coffee idea is good because coffee is full of antioxidants. However, the morning workout idea falls short simply because some people are just not morning people. In addition, not eating before a workout is one thing, but Fulton says to avoid food for three hours afterwards as well. This just seems strange because the longer people wait to eat in the morning, the hungrier they get, and the more they will consume when it comes time to eat. Furthermore, science suggests eating within one hour after exercising for optimal recovery.

4. It calls for an ice bath every morning.
WHAT!!!! Was he honestly short a page or two and decided that he need filler content for the book? Fulton suggests this tactic to rev up your metabolism. And yes, our bodies use energy to cool down, but not enough to make any difference with weight loss. So maybe this is a summertime diet? I live and Rhode Island, and I for one could not imagine climbing out of my nice warm bed on a cold December morning and jumping into an icy cold bathtub.

5. Okay - after 6 weeks you are now skinner than every single one of your friends...Now what?
Just the same as any other fad diet, there is no longevity as once you hit your goal, you are left with 2 options. The first is to hope to continue this diet for the rest of your life. Or the second option, which is to wean yourself off the diet and slowly gain the lost weight (plus more) back. However, don’t worry about gaining the weight back because I am sure there will be a new book out by then.

And there you have it - another gimmicky diet book that's getting its moment in the spotlight and should not be expected to change your whole life around. I guess the one positive spin is that your overall weight does begin lighten right away - as soon as you dip into your pocket and hand over $14.52. Then again, most of use credit cards nowadays, so I take it back.

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