Friday, February 13, 2015

Positive Change Hypnosis

Sadly, it is with much regret that we are informing our visitors that we are temporarily ceasing operations on our website.

Although we have been using the term “Positive Change Hypnosis” to describe our services for decades here in Rhode Island, we have recently come under attack by a Trade Mark Bully company Called Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers located in Ohio.  We are posting this article to make consumers aware of this company.    

In doing some recent research on the internet, here are just a few links we have found regarding this company:!topic/alt.hypnosis/Gy2h2JUwOqo

This sort of "Trade Mark Bullying" and threatening techniques are common practice with many giant companies, corporations, and businesses as a way of monopolizing an industry and forcing small and local businesses out of existence.  Since this company is a chain brand, our only guess is that they are considering expanding to the East Coast and they see us as a threat.

We intend to stand up and continue our fight to the fair usage of generic terms and words like Positive, Change, and Hypnosis for not only ourselves, but also for all our hypnosis colleagues and partners throughout New England and the US. 

However, the decision to cease operations for the moment was because after we refused to back down from their threats, Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers has have now resorted to accusing us of different things pertaining to our website that we would like to resolve before we resume.  Please check back as we will be posting links to their attorney letters soon, which you will see are abusive and just plain, mean in tone.

In the meantime, we if you are a current client that needs access to our client tools or information, please email us at and we will be happy to provide these tools to you.  Also, this only affects our website and it does not affect any sessions or appointments, as those will continue to resume.

We will continue to update you as this unfolds.  

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