Thursday, April 23, 2015

Young Woman Dies After Diet Pills Bought Online "Burned Her From Within"

Eloise Aimee Parry died after taking diet pills that contain dinitrophenol, or DNP. (Photo: Facebook)

Diet pills may seem harmless, but a recent tragedy has shown how dangerous they really can be.

A 21-year-old British woman died on April 12 after accidentally overdosing on diet pills she bought online that contained the toxic ingredient dinitrophenol (DNP). Eloise Aimee Parry took eight tablets that contained the drug, her mother, Fiona Parry, said in a statement that she posted online. (Two tablets was a lethal dose.)

Eloise was taken to the hospital, where she “was literally burning up from within,” and her metabolism ran “at an explosive level” as doctors tried to save her, her mother said.

“As the drug kicked in and started to make her metabolism soar, they attempted to cool her down, but they were fighting an uphill battle. … When she stopped breathing, they put her on a ventilator and carried on fighting to save her. When her heart stopped they couldn’t revive her. She had crashed. She had taken so much DNP that the consequences were inevitable. They never stood a chance of saving her.”

Police are investigating the death and are warning people about the dangers of buying diet pills online. “We urge the public to be incredibly careful when purchasing medicine or supplements over the Internet,” Chief Inspector Jennifer Mattinson told the Guardian.

According to reports, more than 60 people worldwide have died from taking DNP, but the ingredient continues to show up in some diet pills.  Dietary supplements in the U.S. are regulated differently than “conventional” foods and products. The FDA states on its website that dietary-supplement manufacturers must register their facilities with the government agency, but, unlike with other food products, they’re not required to get FDA approval before producing or selling dietary supplements. That means there’s no guaranteeing that diet-pill ingredients are safe or effective.

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