Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Virtual Reality Hypnotherapy

At Rhode Island Hypnosis Center, we are constantly searching for new groundbreaking tools and technology to help people heal through the power of hypnosis.  And Virtual Reality Hypnotherapy can be one of those tools.

When is comes to a successful hypnosis session, safety, relaxation, and emotional engagement are the critical components.  However, for many people their level of anxiety during the first few sessions can sometimes prohibit them from experiencing the full benefits of hypnosis in a traditional therapeutic setting.

For almost all people, this is their first time participating in a one-on-one hypnosis session.  As such, there is often a natural degree of fear as to what to expect during their hypnosis session.  And in turn, this often results in the client resisting the therapists’ instructions and/or suggestions – without realizing it.  Virtual Reality tools can assist in relieving this anxiety by creating a relaxing alternative environment for the therapeutic work to take place.

Image that you are attending a hypnosis session for the first time.  The Hypnotherapist instructs you to close your eyes, and through the process of guided imagery, he or she attempts to guide you into imagining yourself on a beach.  Now, while this may seem simple enough, trying to hold onto this or other images in your mind while the Hypnotherapist administers suggestions can be difficult for some people.

Chances are your mind will drift and wander as you try to over-analyze everything the Hypnotherapist is saying, while trying to predict what will happen next.  This reaction is only natural.  However, Virtual Reality Hypnosis can change this.

Whether is relaxing on a beach, traveling through space, or simply relaxing next to a virtual pool, virtual reality tools can help clients improve their ability to separate from the triggers and distractions of the everyday world, and it also allows clients to more easily absorb the suggestions of the therapist.

Experience the difference that Virtual Reality Hypnotherapy and all out other hypnosis tools can make in your personal transformation.

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