Saturday, February 27, 2010

The results are in!!

In the last 6 months…

We have helped people shed 3900 unhealthy pounds through weight loss hypnosis.

We were responsible for helping people save $11677.44 by kicking the cigarette habit.

We helped motivate 27 people for job promotions and/or seeking better employment.

More good news…

99.2% of our clients who have joined a gym in 2008, are still using their membership.

We have helped 32 people start their own business.

99.3% of our clients who have used hypnosis to better their study habits report an increase in grades as a result of better study habits.

Besides the information above, we have helped countless individuals with all sorts of medical treatments, phobias, panic disorders, anxieties, depression and much more. But we truly wanted to share our milestones above as we are proud of our accomplishments.

Change Your Life With Hypnosis

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