Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Proof That Hypnosis Is The Way To Go!

Now, before I get started I just want to mention that I like Kirstie Alley and I am not picking on her. But I do have a burning question that needs to be answered…what happened to that wonderful Jenny Craig weight loss program? I guess it was just another prime example that weight loss programs and diets do not really work. If you want to change even your body, you have to change your mind first.

Here at Positive Change Hypnosis we are constantly telling people that in order to create change, even when it comes to changing our bodies, the change itself has to be created in our minds. This is because when we have to constantly think about the change itself, we are then solely relying on willpower and conscious thoughts, which can be difficult.

Think about driving a car or simply walking down the street for a moment. When you are driving a car or taking a walk down the street most of the actions that you performing are automatic and come natural to you. While drive a car, you do not have to think about it each time you apply the gas or the break. The same goes for walking. When you are taking a walk, do you really have to think about putting one foot in front of the other?

These actions come natural to us because while we are performing them, our subconscious minds are running on autopilot and doing the work for us. And so, when we want to change something in our lives, it simply makes all the sense in the world to change our way of think about it.

Take into consideration losing weight and quitting smoking. When we try to quit smoking or lose weight many people rely on willpower only. Although we are putting forth our best efforts, we are still left with the lingering thoughts of cigarettes or food floating around in our minds. And because these reminders remain in our minds we are constantly fighting the urges to overcome them.

People stand a better chance of success by using hypnosis because it allows us to change something in our lives by removing or change our thoughts about it. In essence, if you brain no longer craves cigarettes or snacks, it will naturally be easier to stop smoking or lose weight because you are no longer thinking about these things.

Change Your Way Of Thinking With Hypnosis

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