Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Do we control our mind…or does it control us?

As human beings, we like to think that we are always in total control of all our actions and thoughts. After all, accepting otherwise would make us feel vulnerable or maybe even weak to some degree. So how much control do we really have? The answer may surprise you. The reason for this blog post is to conduct a little experiment, which will show you just how little control we have over what we think and do.

For the sake of our experiment we are going to assume that you are visiting our website because you have a real genuine interest in seeking hypnosis treatment with us. This is to exclude visitors who are looking to send us marketing messages or our competitors who are checking up on our prices and service options. Therefore, you are a real person who wants to change or improve something in your life and you happened upon our hypnosis website.

So for the genuine help seeker, right now as you browse through our website you are automatically entering a hypnotic state. This hypnotic state is having a mental tug of war within your mind and this is all happening without your consent or knowledge. Let’s go into more detail.

You see, we are not always in total control of what is going on in our minds. In fact, many times our mind is making decisions for us and we have very little say so in what happens. Now, some decisions protect us from harm and are good while other decisions are clouded and are not so good. For example, people who smoke, drink alcohol excessively, do drugs or maybe snack on junk food all know that these things are harmful and wrong. Yet they continue to do them but why?

The reason why is because of our subconscious mind. With the exception of human survival instincts, which are genetically coded for us at birth, our subconscious mind really doesn’t do a great job at determining right from wrong. It simply records then plays back what it has already learned either from genetics, habits or from repetition.

Now, our mind is not without reasoning capabilities altogether. In fact we often make up plenty of reasons for doing something especially when we know it is bad for us. Some examples of positive reasoning are “smoking relaxes me” or “having a few drinks a day helps me cope with my daily stress”. This creates a partnership of doing something, which we know to be bad, and enforcing it with a good reason for doing it.

Once this partnership of habit and justification is bonded it is near to impossible to overcome because we now have a good reason for doing something that we know to be wrong. Presto, we have now successfully hypnotized ourselves into believing that there is a positive side to something negitive, which creates a reversal effect. “I am going to smoke this cigarette that I know is harmful, but it is going to calm me down and relax me” is a complete reversal of what you should be thinking which is “this cigarette is bad for me so I am NOT going to smoke it.”

And since the mind will always err on the side of what is good, since you have convinced yourself that smoking helps you, your mind now believes that it is making the right choice to smoke even though we know it to be wrong. And there you have it…your subconscious mind wins again while your body or health pays the price.

Thus far, do you still believe that you are in 100% total control of all your thoughts and actions?

Okay, let’s go one step further…

Is Hypnosis working for you or against you? Remember this question because it means a lot more than what is written. So again, assuming that you are here because you are seriously considering hypnosis for treatment as noted above, this mental tug of war is going on in your mind and the mind will always choose what it feels to be good, safe, secure or best for you.

So right now your mind is weighing all the options of going through with hypnosis by justifying all the pros and cons that we outlined below. Now, these are not actual pros and cons of using hypnosis but rather, they are some of the things that are most likely going through your own mind right now based upon past experience and what you believe to be right.

Hypnosis may just help me out with my problem/issue

My friends may laugh at me
I will just join a gym to lose weight
Hypnosis is too expensive
I don’t drink all that much
This stuff doesn’t work
I am not ready to change
I can’t be hypnotized
Maybe I will try that stop smoking patch or gum
I can quit smoking on my own
I will shop around for other websites
Those diet pills will work better
I don’t have the money right now
I tried hypnosis and it didn’t work
My family is going to think it is silly
I am afraid of being hypnotized

So based on the information above, which choice do you think you would normally make? Well, we will tend to bet that there is a good chance that we will not hear from you. And so what has happened is that you came here looking for hypnosis and ironically…hypnotized yourself right out of it. Since you mind reads the “cons” list above as positive reasons, you make the choice not to help yourself knowing that it was the wrong choice, just like when we light up that cigarette knowing it is the wrong choice.

Going back to our statement above “is hypnosis working for you or against you” the true meaning is this. The people who visit our page looking for hypnosis and decide “I will” have developed enough control over their minds to follow through with their intentions while ignoring the negitive suggestions that are trying to talk them out of it. Therefore, since they have developed the ability to follow through with what the know is right, hypnosis will work FOR them and they will be successful at changing.

In closing, lighting up that cigarette while knowing it is wrong proves that we don’t always have full control over our actions and that the minds often talks us into and out of things. Our own human hypnotic states exist and they are there working away every day. So you just need to decide if you are going to start to control it, or if you are going to continue to let it control you.

Control Your Mind With Hypnosis

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