Saturday, October 29, 2011

The season change

As we near the end of October, summer seems get further and further behind us. We started the month with beautiful warm weather, but little by little the sun-filled days of family cookouts, beach outings and lazy days in the park must give way to change.

But keep in mind that change doesn't mean "missing out" as we are fortunate enough to hold onto the good time memories of summer that stay with us through the autumn and long into the winter. And so, although it may seem sort of sad to see the seasons come and go, this is actually a good thing. After all, even pleasure can become monotonous.

That being said, we may not always realize it but we are very much like the seasons. We can continue to repeat the same old routines each and every day and sort of become monotonous as a person. Or we can be more like the seasons, in that we can use each day to embrace and appreciate the gifts that life has to offer.

Now some folks might be thinking, "gee, I don't have time to sit around and appreciate life and its gifts because life is just too busy." While it's true that we all have things in life to do, we also need to be sure to understand that what we "do" is not necessarily what we are getting done or what we are really accomplishing.

You see, accomplishment is built from personal satisfaction and confidence. For some, this might consist of material accumulation, increasing our financial status or maybe it is even about building social interactions. For others, accomplishment has a different, broader sense. It is a sense that embraces personal growth and a greater awareness of themselves.

If you took away all of the personal belongings from a person who has worked hard to accumulate these items, that person will be left with nothing to show for their accomplishment. However, if you took away all of the same items from a person who has accomplished a personal inner-life goal, that person would still be left with their personl inner-life goal.

And so, the reality is that life might have its material requirements such as taking care of the holidays, paying our bills and more. However, we need to be sure that the things in which many of us try so hard to acquire don't end up representing us, being us or owning us. In short we need to balance life with accomplishing the real things that count...the things that cannot be taken away from us.

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