Friday, June 8, 2012

Tips For Building Confidence

Many people seem to need a little extra nudge when it comes to giving their confidence a push-start. Whether it’s building your confidence to help you talk to the opposite sex,  boosting your body confidence, or increasing your confidence to land a new job, these confidence tips will provide a starting point in which you can build upon. 

1. Don't dwell:
Don't get wrapped up in your mistakes and dwell on bad points as they can contrast your good points or maybe even give you something to improve on. It's a great feeling when become good at something that you once may have struggled with. 

2. Exercise and eat healthy:
Exercise raises adrenaline and makes us feel happier and healthier. It is certainly an easy and effective way to boost your self-confidence.  In addition, lay off the junk food snacks as they seem to make us feel sluggish.   

3. Identify your successes. 
Nobody is 100% bad at everything - 100% of the time.  And on the reverse side, Everyone has a least a thing or two that they are good at.  so discover the things at which you excel, then focus on your talents. Give yourself permission to take pride in them. Give yourself credit for your successes. Inferiority is a state of mind in which you've declared yourself a victim. Do not allow yourself to be victimized.

4. Write it down:
The sun can't shine every single day.  So on your personal cloudy days when you 're feeling low and insecure, write down a list of things that are good about you. Then read the list back. You'd be surprised at what you can come up with.

5. Misery loves company.  So don't befriend her!
Although they might not maliciously be trying to hurt you, nothing positive ever comes from hanging around with negitive people.  So try and surround yourself with nurturing friends, not overly critical individuals who make you feel inadequate or insecure. This could do great harm and damage to your self confidence.

6. Look for help:
Even if it were simply skimming through an instruction manual to learn how to program a VCR, we've all needed a little help with something from time to time.  So there is no shame in asking for or seeking help.  Whether it's listening to confidence CD, reading a confidence book, or using an online tool, look for different ways to help build your confidence.

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