Sunday, August 19, 2012

Are Diets Designed To Fail?

At Positive Change Hypnosis, we see more clients who want help losing weight than almost any other problem. And in reality, most of them are already experts because they have so much experience at trying over and over again throughout the years.  However, the problem is that similar to a Pilot who has mastered the skill of taking off without learning how to fly, they quickly find themselves crashing back down to earth once the diet is over!

Now, if you read our blog often, you already understand that although we base many of our articles on the use of Hypnosis, we also strongly advocate combining it with other healthy life choices.  So even when it comes to watching what you eat or keeping an eye on your calorie intake, we feel these things are important.  However, we often pounce on diets not for the health benefits that they can have, but because they often contain a false sense of hope. 

You see, the main problem with diets is that the whole idea supporting them is flawed.  It is almost like they are actually designed to fail because of the following assumptions.

It assumes every single human being is exactly the same.  We all process food and calories differently.  And since diets are generic in nature, in theory, you will only see results if your body processes food and calories in the same exact way as those who found the diet to be successful.

It assumes that you will stick with it.  Since most diets are configured to change what, how, and when we eat, the sheer nature of the diet is not normal to us.  Therefore, you are expected to stick with using and doing something that you are not accustom to.  This alone can be near impossible.  

It assumes that everyone using it, is only looking to reduce weight on a temporary basis.  This alone is simple math because a temporary restriction in calories will never achieve long term results.

It assumes that your body is not working correctly.  What happens when you reduce your calorie and food intake?  Your metabolism slows down in order to preserve those valuable fat reserves it has worked so hard to put down.  So in reality, the moment you begin to eat a little bit more, the pounds pile back on even more quickly (generally with a few more added for good measure.)

So, do diets have their place in our world?  Sure they do.  For example, if a client were to call us because they had an upcoming wedding and needed to shave 2 or 3 pounds to fit into their new suite or gown, we would pursued them to consider a diet as a quick fix.  But remember that this example is not a representation of someone who is looking to make an entire life change.

If you are looking to completely change and turn your weight around on a permanent basis, the bad news is that your diet WILL fail for you.  However, the good news is that if the enjoy weight loss roller coaster ride, there are plenty of diets around to keep you entertained.  .     

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