Monday, February 11, 2013

Hypnosis MP3's - Or Not?

With the explosion of the iPod and other personal music players into the market over the past few years, self-hypnosis audio programs have become increasingly popular, with many people making use of this technology. But what exactly are self-hypnosis MP3s and do they actually work?  Let's start with the basics

What exactly is a self-hypnosis MP3?

Essentially it’s an audio recording which uses different audio tones to place you into a trance-like state (similar to meditation) and then repeats certain affirmations to you. The audio tones are usually slightly different in frequency, which forces the brain to align them, and thus achieve the meditative state. The meditative state is most receptive state for the brain to be in, which is why the affirmations are used in conjunction with this.

Affirmations would be suited towards whatever the particular person is trying to achieve. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, they might have affirmations along the lines of:

"I am healthy and lean" "I eat the right food" "I exercise regularly"

Similarly, someone who is using hypnosis MP3s to quit smoking would have their own unique set of affirmations, which encourage a healthier lifestyle:

"I look after my body" "I respect my lungs" "I only put the best in, to get the best out"

Of course the big question is - does it really work?

Well, science has proven the following

1. Audio signals can be used to send the brain into deep, meditative, highly receptive states

2. Affirmations, used regularly, do indeed have a direct correlation to a change in behavior by the person using them

So, as you can see, hypnosis audio technology combined with the right affirmations can certainly have an effect on your behaviors and habits, especially if used over the long term.

This is exactly what hypnosis MP3 programs aim to do - creating change from the inside out. This has been an ancient tradition of the eastern world, and is slowly growing in popularity thanks to things like yoga and Pilates, etc. And real, permanent change is only possible by changing our thoughts, and thus our actions, behaviors and so forth.

The most important thing to consider about hypnosis audio items is the quality. While most people who are shopping for hypnosis mp3’s are generally looking for a less expensive alternative to private hypnosis sessions, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Therefore, if you are opting for those free or super low priced hypnosis audio’s you should pretty much expect your results to match your choice of product. So, while the mp3 itself may not cause any actual harm to you, there is a good chance that it may not work at all.

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