Sunday, March 17, 2013

Third Eye Hypnosis Video


What exactly is "The Third Eye?"  The third eye is associated with intuition, clairvoyance, telekinesis and many other supernatural abilities. Some people claim to have opened their third eye and gained these abilities. Others dismiss the entire idea as hogwash and forget about it. In a world dominated by science as the only acceptable means of explaining the world, the supernatural and spiritual is seldom documented and explored.

However, there is some evidence to support the physical existence of the third eye and what some of its attributes may be. The physical existence of the third eye is associated with the pineal gland in the brain. Scientists have been studying this gland since the early 1900′s. This is where some believe lies the key to spiritual worlds.

French philosopher Rene Descartes described the pineal gland as the “seat of the soul” where the mind and body connect. This “seat” can be used for all kinds of supernatural abilities such as clairvoyance and telepathy, telekinesis and chakra reading.

The third eye is capable of an incredible range of spiritual and supernatural abilities, with a whole other world to explore.  In most, however, the pineal gland is dormant, making the third eye and its associated potential virtually impossible to tap. For those whose pineal glands are dormant, do not despair.

It is dormant because it has never been used. The capability to awaken the pineal gland and open up the third eye resides in everyone. It is possible to open up the third eye through hypnosis or meditation. Third eye hypnosis will bring the pineal gland and otherwise dormant abilities to life. The possibilities are limitless with a full range of abilities to experience and examine. Tapping this power is either as easy or as hard as the individual wishes it to be. For those who wish to tap this power, preparation is key.

Third eye hypnosis may only be successful if you are open and unresisting to the idea of the spiritual world. A disbeliever can try for years and never open their third eye, simply because they themselves were not open and prepared for the third eye to open. Others may do it on their first try and be experimenting with clairvoyance and other abilities with ease. Free the mind of all doubts and the third eye will be willing to bestow its gifts. Being relaxed is also important.

The mind must be without worry, without thoughts of schedules and other bothersome things. Find a place where disturbances are eliminated to perform third eye hypnosis. The more relaxation the mind can achieve, the greater success the hypnosis will be. Even the most hyper and alert of people can find their place of relaxation. The hypnosis is geared towards emptying the mind. The power of suggestion can do wonders.

The techniques used for third eye hypnosis can be taught by professional hypnotists. Pursuing this form of hypnotism may take some time and effort, but through devotion and dedication, the third eye can be accessed at any time. Watch the video at the beginning of this blog post to activate your third eye and open yourself to the spiritual possibilities inherent in the mind.

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