Sunday, August 11, 2013

YES - There Are Different Types Of Hypnosis

Most people seek out the assistance of a hypnosis provider, only after many failed attempts with other products and services.  And while hypnosis can be a great option for changing and improving your life, it's important to be sure that you are picking the best program for your needs.

So - what's the best way to do this?  You need to begin by changing the way you look at hypnosis:

Most people believe that with the exception of price and location, hypnotherapy is a uniform type of treatment. However, different hypnotherapists use very different techniques - and some are simply better than others. For example, we often hear people saying 'I've tried hypnosis before. It didn't work.' However, what people often do not realize is that just because hypnotherapy didn't work with a specific therapist, it doesn't mean that hypnotherapy itself failed.

The skill of the therapist and, more importantly, the specific techniques they are trained in, is what actually affects success rates. A good hypnotherapist with an excellent technique will deliver far better results than those using more basic methods.

Recognizing the different types of hypnotherapy techniques:

Suggestion based hypnotherapy:  It's the most common hypnotherapy on the market.

Hypno-analysis:  Also known as "free association." It's another technique which currently appears to be very popular.

Advanced Hypnotherapy:  When used properly, it can be a permanent solution because it takes a holistic approach to addressing the problem.

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