Sunday, February 15, 2009

My first blog blessing!!

I am in the process of shifting some of my Internet stuff around, please be patient…

I figured I would lick this off with my first hypnosis blog here.

Often times when I discuss hypnosis with people, I often refer to an analogy that I sort of came up which I call the “Cassette Tape Recorder.” This often helps me explain to people why hypnosis is not always an instant eraser like same people may think of it.

This is especially helpful to assist me in explaining to those who have maybe tried hypnosis in the past, and for some reason or other, it did not work as quickly as they thought it would. Therefore, they now have the notion that in general, hypnosis does not work or at least it doesn’t work for them.

I begin by telling them to picture the human mind as a cassette tape. Each time they perform a pattern or a bad habit, a message gets recorded in their mind, or in this case…on the cassette tape. Now if they continue to perform the bad habit for a long period of time, the cassette tape volume grows larger and larger.

Now, to break a bad habit which a person has only been doing for a very short period of time would be rather easy. Just the same as erasing a message or two off of a cassette would not take very long. But on the other hand, if you needed to erase years upon years of bad habits, which would amount to a box full of cassette tapes, this will naturally take much longer.

After I explain this to people they suddenly understand that sometimes, even hypnosis is a process and it does not magically erase every bad thing that has happened in your lifetime, in a single one-hour session.

Anyway, there will be more blogs coming soon so please continue to check in.

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