Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One key to success

Many people ask us what exactly contributes to our success. We believe that it all boils down to under promising yet over delivering.

For example, if you promise someone a thousand dollars and end up earning them a million, he or she will be one happy camper. However, if you promise them a million dollars but only end up earning them a thousand, you should expect to receive a knock at your door and very soon!

When we first started off more than 15 years ago, there seemed to be a lot fewer hypnotists. Over the years many people caught onto the fact that this hypnosis stuff works and decided to open up shop. Now, in and of itself, this is not a bad thing because hypnosis is a very helpful tool for many people. So there is no problem with many people wanting to offer it as a service.

However, here lies the problem. There are many hypnosis companies out there that oversell the magic of hypnosis. They make it sound as if people come to them with all sorts of life problems, all of which get cured in a 45 minute session. By setting this unrealistic expectation, they are not only setting themselves up for failure but that are also leaving behind one more person who feels like they have failed or that hypnosis itself has failed.

This is where we differ from many other hypnosis companies. While it is true that most of our clients do not require more than a session or two and many of our MP3 clients see success very quickly, we are very up front and honest with people. We do not beat around the bush and we do not sugar coat what we do. We perform "true" hypnosis therapy and along with that comes the reality that we very well might not be able to "cure" everyone’s problems within a 45 minute hypnosis or by listening to our MP3’s one or twice.

Now, some folks may say that this can actually hurt our business because we are competing with companies who are boasting a super fast turn around almost like hypnosis is some magical force. However, we would rather lose a client or two and remain strong with our 98% success rate rather than have it drop to a 90% success rate by promising the moon to everyone who calls on us for service.

So in closing, just remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. If a hypnotist is promising you a magical million, just don't be so surprised when you end up with far less.

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