Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mind Conditioning (Reconditioning)

So what exactly is Mind Conditioning?

Could you imagine Donald Trump with no confidence or sell-esteem? Could Imagine Bill Gates with no determination or creativity? Do you think either person would have achieved half the success that they have if their minds were not conditioned to be successful?

The point here is that most people can acquire all the successful money making secrets, tools, ebooks or other educational products on the market. But sadly none of these items will accomplish a single thing on their own…why?

Because in order to become successful you need to think, act and condition yourself to become successful. Success is not developed from reading pages in a book. It is created by building a mindset character with energy.

Now, some lucky individuals are born with the ability to “self condition” themselves. And this ability seems to just be a part of their nature. They have somehow learned the secret to unlocking their own potential, and in turn this leads to them naturally being attracted to success itself. The strange part is that they most likely don’t even know that they are doing this.

Well, as for the rest of the planet…people like you and I, we have to work at conditioning ourselves. But the good news is that it is possible and pretty easy to accomplish if you know how. You see those ebooks and secret money making programs do not make you successful. Only YOU can make yourself successful.

We are only creations of what our minds allow us to be. So therefore our only real limitations in life are the ones created by us. It is a simple equation. When you improve and condition yourself and your mind, anything that is then associated with you, your thoughts and your mind, automatically begins to feed off of this new and improved positive energy. This in turn increases the chances for the results of whatever is being fed by this energy, to also improve.

To go one step further here is an example of feeding energy. It is a fact that if you associate only with wealthy people in your life, then there is a better chance that you too, one day will become wealthy. On the other hand, if you only associate with trouble, there is also a better chance that you too will one day find yourself getting into trouble. One conditioned energy wave naturally feeds off of the other.

So as you can see from the example above, if an average person could be influenced that much by the thoughts and actions of other people, imagine how much change we could make in our own lives if we could learn to condition and influence ourselves, our own thoughts and our own actions? Only the sky, rather than our minds, would be the limit as to what we could accomplish.

Now, once you begin to condition yourself to be successful that is when you will begin to naturally attract success itself, almost like a magnetic attraction. Again just like how wealth attracts wealth and how trouble attracts trouble. With mind conditioning hypnosis you can build confidence, increase self-esteem and rid yourself of the negative poisonous thoughts that are constantly whispering in the back of your mind saying…“I Can’t.”

Through reconditioning hypnosis you will be turning thoughts of “I Can’t” into second nature thoughts of “I Must”, “I Can” and “I Will.” Reconditioning hypnosis for the mind does what excise does for the body and muscles. It makes our mind and thought processes better and stronger. And I am sure you will agree that when you are thinking more clearly and feeling better and stronger, you almost always feel more powerful, which in turn naturally leads to accomplishing more.

So in the end, only a stronger well-conditioned mind will increase your chances for success in life. Not that magic secret ebook about how to make millions of dollars, that is selling for only $9.99. If you are not mentally ready for success in the first place, that ebook, I am afraid my friend, will really only help in making you ten dollars poorer.

Condition Your Mind With Hypnosis

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