Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Can I have a side dish of motivation with my order?

Congratulations…you finally decided to pursue your health goals and join that gym to lose a little weight and get in shape. Way to go!!

So…with the crossed look of determination in your eye and that fire in our soul, you march down to gym, whip out your creditcard and proudly pay for that privileged workout membership. After that let’s head off to the nature store for maybe a few bottles of herbal supplements or some vitamins. Don’t stop - your on a roll now!! Next we can follow that sweet scent of success right down to the local sporting goods store for some new workout clothes, outfits or supplies.

Wow! After doing all of this running around you are already pooped and you haven't even lifted a single weight or performed one single crunch. But don’t sweat it. Instead just keep reminding yourself how great your new life is going to be. And so, a few hours later, a few hundred dollars poorer and a few shopping bags heavier, let’s check off our “to do” list. Do we get everything that we needed? Not quite.

What is the one major factor that is responsible for ending most of our hopes, dreams and goals? Motivation, or at least a lack thereof.

Think about it for a moment. What makes a person join a gym only to quit or simply stop going a few months later? A lack of motivation. Why is it that when a person gets the great idea to start his or her own business venture, it never really seems to go anywhere? A lack of motivation. What causes a person to begin that new breakthrough diet, only to go off it and regain the weight back after only a few short months? A lack of motivation.

You see, when we are making all of these plans and decisions to change our lives such as joining a gym, exercising more, starting a business, quitting smoking, seeking a new job, going back to school and more, we begin these plans and ideas with a high level of motivation. As we make our plans, we are busy dreaming about how good we are going to look, how much money our business is going to make or how much cash we are going to save by quitting smoking Ect.

Now, while we are making all of these decisions and plans for a better life, although we do so with nothing but the best intentions in mind, what happens over time is that we begin to become consumed by “real life.” Personal finances, general life stress and more can quickly deflate our newly found hopes and dreams. When "real life” steps back into the picture, this causes us over a period of time to slowly begin losing that surge of motivation, which was guiding us in the first place. And so we become similar to an automobile, which was running just fine until it ran out of gas.

So, as reality closes in and we begin to run out of gas, that dream of a better or healthier life slowly gets stored away into the backs of our minds and we simply lose interest. Now, some folks may even justify their reasons for quitting such as “starting a business is way too expensive” or “I just can’t find the time to visit the gym right now.” Giving up on something does not make us bad or weak. But it is something that could have been prevented if we only planned a little more for it.

Now, I felt it was important to write this article as it relates to hypnosis because often times, people who consider hypnosis treatment do so in an indirect way. For example, in general if a person wants to lose weight or start a business, calling a hypnotist for help may not be their first choice. In fact, they are most likely not even thinking about hypnosis. It is usually only after several failed attempts at something or when a major problem comes up that people will specifically seek hypnosis treatment.

Because of this I wanted to clear the air on the fact that we are not competitors of weight loss clinics, diet pill companies, workout centers and more. Instead, we are actually there for your success, just like they are. However, we simply have a different role. They supply the diet pills, workout machines, weight loss plans and other items. And on the flip side, we can help by keeping you focused and motivated, ensuring that you will continue to use these tools to reach your goals.

The bottom line is that if you are considering any sort of life changes, hypnosis will only help better your chances of success. One of the saddest things is when a client visits us and tells us that they have wasted hundreds of dollars on diet pills or workout centers over the years. It is sad because although we can still help them, if they had only considered us for preventive maintenance years ago, we could have saved them a whole bunch of waisted money, time and effort not to mention the feeling of failure.

So go ahead and order those diet pills, join those gyms or enroll in that business night school. After placing your order for success, just be sure to include a side dish of motivational reinforcement with a Hypnotherapist. After all, that shiny new and expensive gym membership card is meaningless if you are not going to use it. And for less money than you would spend on a quality workout suite, it will be worth it in the long run.

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