Saturday, March 13, 2010

Do you see the roses or the thorns?

So many clients look at me strangly when I explain that there really is nothing wrong with them. Usually that strange look fades when they grasp my meaning: The real problem lies not with them, but with their beliefs and how they see things. The way in which we see things in life including our beliefs is based on perception of something. Once the perception is changed then so is the person.

You see, the simple fact is that to a large extent we are our beliefs. If we believe we are happy, then who is to tell us that we are sad? If we believe that life is bad then we will find it difficult to see the good things in life.

Likewise, it is we ourselves who perceive and define both success and failure and, ultimately, which one we choose to become. If we honestly reflect for a moment then we will recognize that so often, we see things not as they are, but as we are. It is our perceptions that really shapes the life we choose to live.

This is the reason why two different people can pass through very similar experiences with one feeling devastated and the other remaining unaffected and able to get on with life as if nothing or very little had happened. For both the facts are similar, but the perceptions and consequently the beliefs created by those perceptions is what is different.

You see, our perceptions are the way we see and feel the experiences and events in our own world. So the world that we truly experience depends entirely on how we view the experience in the first place and how we interpret things around us. Therefore, perception is the foundation, the very cornerstone of our beliefs.

Now, we may have limited control over external things, but we do have control over the effect that those things have upon us because we possess the ability to ammend perceptions and adjust beliefs. It is our beliefs that we hold onto and that determine our outlook and our approach to our world and to ourselves. Those beliefs originated in perceptions brought about through our interpretation of past expereriences.

Each one of us has a past, because each one of us has lived. And in that past there will have been painful as well as joyful events and experiences. We will have perceived and interpreted those experiences and based so many of our beliefs upon them.

Now, we can hold on to the pain of the past by holding grudges, remembering disappointments, appointing blame and feeling self pity and guilt. And in doing this we make a choice to do so. Or we can decide to take responsibility for ourself and our life, work on re-examining our perceptions and changing our beliefs, letting go of the negativity and choosing to move forward.

If you are troubled, if your life is feeling like it's stuck and on hold, then perhaps it is time to let go of that way of perceiving, that way of being. After all, you were not born to be a victim. The only way you can become a victim is by choosing to perceive yourself as one. Instead, see yourself as a success and you will begin to move forward.

My Dad always told me that some folks look at a rose bush and see the beautiful flowers. While other people can look at the same rose bush and only see the thorns. I personally think that seeing the flowers makes for a better perception.

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