Thursday, November 11, 2010

So what happened to “Your Positive Change?”

If you were not familiar with “Your Positive Change” it was a separate website that we used to host our subliminal MP3’s, books and self-help hypnosis tools. Oh and what glorious days they were!

From the soft hypnosis background music playing on our homepage to the repetitious FAQ pages mirroring all the same hypnosis information and benefits as our live service page, those days will be missed!

But before anyone sheds a boatload of tears, terminating the site was actually a positive move for us.

When creating Positive Change Hypnosis we had made the decision to keep our self-help tools separate from our live hypnosis service. The theory was to avoid clients experiencing a sort of “tug of war” as to whether or not they would prefer live hypnosis sessions or opt to use a self-help hypnosis tool. And the idea worked well. People who wanted live hypnosis seemed to find our Positive Change Hypnosis website and people who wanted to help themselves found Your Positive Change.

So although way back in the beginning when we only offered 3 or 4 MP3’s and 1 or 2 books, the idea made all the sense in the world. However, as out company grew it just became a lot more work to keep both of the websites going. Therefore, we have recently made the decision to pull the plug on “Your Positive Change.”

The good news is that our main webpage now offers many more customer options and best of all, they are now all in one single place. This includes all of our self-help tools plus our live service. We have even custom tailored pages to be more helpful to our clients. For example, when a client picks our page to quit smoking, after reading our information they now have a bottom option to pick a live session service or a subliminal audio for their issue.

So in closing, although “Your Positive Change” has served us well and will be missed, the end of one journey marks the beginning of a new one.

And now…a quick moment of silence…thank you for reading.

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