Thursday, April 28, 2011

What makes a hypnotist better?

What makes one hypnotist better than another? We are not even sure that this is a fair question because there are major differences between hypnotists and their practices. In fact, we find it a bit humorous that some people actually think that we are all the same. It is just like saying that all automobiles are the same when we know that there is a huge differences between let’s say a brand new Ferrari and a broken down 1978 Yugo. Sure they both have 4 tires but let’s face it, nobody would argue that there is a difference.

So what makes all hypnotists different? To answer that question we would have to spend the rest of our lives visiting every single hypnotist in the world in order to truly compare them with each other. Without visiting every hypnotist on the planet, we can tell you what we feel sets us apart from many other companies and what we feel contributes to our success.

To begin with we work from a home office. Now, beside the fact that this allows us to keep our session rates low, there is actually a psychological affect behind this. When was the last time you ever heard someone say that they were heading on over to a doctors or dentists office in order to get a little peace, quite and relaxation? Most likely never. In fact we actually perform hypnosis to ease the anxiety that is associated with visiting a medical offices for many people. So to us, it just didn’t make much sense to build a hypnosis environment that mimics a medical clinic when some of our clients are actually attempting to overcome this very fear. Since hypnosis is all based on ones ability to relax and generally speaking more people are relaxed in the comfort of their own home or apartment, we have found that offering the same relaxed environment contributes to a successful hypnosis session.

The next thing is that we include a FREE follow-up subliminal hypnosis MP3/CD with our live sessions. Now, let’s be realistic, we don’t care what anybody says, hypnosis is not magic. Therefore, we may not be able to magically erase 40 years of a smoking habit in a single one-hour session. Now, this is not to say that it has never happened because it has. However, the fact is that there are times that it takes more work. Providing this FREE follow-up MP3/CD gives our clients something to fall back on and continue with once they leave our office. Some hypnotists charge extra for such an item. So again, since we provide it for free, this means more success for our clients.

Since we are on the subject of MP3’s, ours DO NOT contain spoken hypnosis scripts like a person would experience at a live hypnosis session. Instead they are music and/or relaxing sounds blended with embedded subliminal message in the background and we make them like this for a reason. When a person listens to a hypnosis audio with spoken words like that of a live session, after a few times of listening they can actually become immune to it because it becomes memorized until finally there is no more mental visualization left, which is one of the dynamics of hypnosis. It is sort of like watching the same movie over and over again. It may become less gripping simply because you know exactly what to expect. With our audio items people are listening to music or sound which keeps them interested. But more importantly, while they are listening, the subliminal message in the background is what’s helping them to change.

And one of the last things that we believe sets us apart is that we truly care about people and their success. For example we discounted our prices a few years back when our economy was in bad shape. We also offer free hypnosis sessions to cancer patients. We have also been known to work out payment plans for regular clients who can not afford to pay for their hypnosis sessions up front. In other words we go above and beyond when it comes to helping people out. So although we are a business we also believe that what goes around comes around. When we treat our client’s right, we actually get back in the long run.

So in closing, we cannot say that other hypnosis companies do not offer some of the same things that we do. But we can say that not all hypnotists are the same. We can also say that the little things we do and the little things that we offer makes us very successful which in turn, means our clients are more successful. And if you are a client on the receiving end of the service, this is what should really matter most to you.

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