Sunday, May 8, 2011

I change my mind

Think of a time when you have tried to change or improve something in your life such as giving up cigarettes, losing weight, excising and more. Like most people, you probably purchased or used some kind of aid like diet pills, medications, a workout center membership or patches. Now, many of you most likely saw some pretty positive results for a period of time. However, you most likely ended up returning back to your old ways.

This is because when we try to change, we are trying to fix the physical action but doing nothing for the mental part which is actually the force that controls every single aspect of our lives right down to our decision making processes. And so although it is possible and even pretty easy to control the “here and now” part of our minds it is difficult to control the “recorded” elements that produce automatic actions.

Now, some folks reading this blog might be thinking “yeah right, I have total control over my own mind and what I do.” Think again! Here is a quick test you can perform right now as you are reading this blog. Raise your left or right arm up in the air, hold it up in the air for 5 seconds then put it back down. I’ll wait while you do this……..

Ok so you most likely had no problems performing this action. Great job!! Raising your arm and putting it down is an action that you have learned and have been doing almost since birth. And counting to 5 is also something that you learned at a young age. And so, all in all this was pretty easy for most people to do and this shows that you can control your actions with your mind right? We shall see…

Let’s move onto part 2 of the test. I want you to blink your eyes 5 times. All finished? Again for most people this should have proven to be a simple task and therefore, you have so far proven that you have very good control over your actions. EXCELENT!!!

Now here is part 3. You already know that you CAN control your arms and eyelid muscles with you mind because you were able to raise your arms and blink your eyes. Now, since you have total control over your actions, I want you to talk your mind into keeping your eyelids open without blinking. Remember that you used your mind to put your arm up and down and also to blink your eyes. So talking yourself into keeping your eyes open should be no problem. If or when you do blink your eyes you can continue reading on.

Ok, so if you are reading this next paragraph you failed the total mind control test because you told yourself not to blink your eyes yet you ended up doing so. What happened? Well, your mind basically told you to take a hike and decided on its own that it was not going to listen to your reasoning. And so, when your mind sensed that your eyes were getting dry, the automatic reaction caused you to blink no matter how determined you were to keep from doing so.

So let’s sum this all up. The mind records involuntary actions that will be needed in the future such as blinking your eyes, the beating of your heart, digesting food and more. Unfortunately, the definition of the word Habit is an acquired pattern of behavior that has become almost involuntary as a result of frequent repetition. Since habits like snacking on junk food, smoking cigarettes, fingernail biting and more become involuntary, you no longer need to tell your mind that you would like to perform these actions and they become second nature. The downside is that when it comes to a point when you want to stop doing these things, because they are now involuntary quitting is as difficult as keeping your eyes open without blinking.

This is the main reason why we so often hear people say that they had quit smoking for “X” number of years but started right back up again. Or that they lost “X” number of pounds but gained it all back. Quitting these habits with your mind alone make work for a while, however just like keeping your eyes open, your mind is going to keep saying “take a hike” until you finally give back into temptation. Now, we can try to rely on items that trick us. For example, stop smoking patches and gum supply us with nicotine and diet pills trick our minds into thinking that we are full. But using these items makes about as much sense as me constructing some kind of clamp to keep my eyelids from closing. Sure this clamp will keep them open while I am using it. However, as soon as I remove this clamp I will blink my eyes again. Therefore did I really fix anything?

The conclusion – while hypnosis does not truly “erase” involuntary actions, it does reprogram them so that the ending result is not the same. For example, I can’t erase eating from your memory but I can make it so that you crave carrot sticks instead of junk food when you get hungry. And I can’t erase cigarettes from your memory but I can make it so that instead of reaching for that smoke, instead you naturally reach for a glass of water or feel the urge to take a walk. So you see, this is why hypnosis works while other things fail. It gives us the opportunity to change where the habit truly lives…our minds.

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