Monday, August 22, 2011

39 Pounds and Counting!

We wanted to provide a quick update for our office manager Gretchen. To date she is up to a 39 pound weight loss! We are very proud of her accomplishment and we are even more proud that hypnosis was able to play a role in her success.

If you do not read our blog on a regular basis, we wanted to take a moment to reinforce the fact that she is not on a diet, she has not joined any workout center or gym and she is not taking any diet pills or drugs. The key to her all-natural weight loss consists of simply eating a little healthier and staying motivated to remain active.

She also wanted to mention that she really hasn’t had to give up any of the foods that she loves and she does no calorie counting whatsoever. But the best part is that this is not some quick fix that is only temporary. She feels a natural change in herself and because of this, it will last a lifetime.

Congratulations Gretchen!!

Call our office and talk to her personally today about weight loss.

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