Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do believe in fact or fiction? most people have at least heard about hypnosis. Be it via a stage hypnosis comedy show or from a friend or family member who has quit smoking or lost weight after visiting a hypnotist. And although each and every person may conger up their own thoughts and beliefs about what it’s like to be in a hypnosis trance, ironically enough many people base their facts and opinions on what they read on the internet or hear from other people.

Now, we say "ironically enough" because after all, you are actually reading this on the Internet and in a sense, you are hearing or at least reading it from us. Just to clear the air it is not that everything we read or hear is bad information. However, you just need to be sure that it is coming from a trusted source that has experience in the area that you are researching. And when it comes to hypnosis we have more that 15 years of experience and we have wrote books and thousands of articles on the subject. So we feel that this qualifies as a trusted source with experience that knows a lot about the subject.

So how much do you really know about hypnosis? Are you basing your impression of hypnosis on fact or fiction? Click the link below to take our short quiz and find out.

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