Sunday, November 18, 2012

10 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress For Kids

The holidays can be a great family time especially for kids. However, although kids love holidays, they too can feel stress & anxiety, especially when parents are stressed. Therefore, these holiday stress management tips will help both parents and children recognize holiday anxiety and feel less stress.

First, its important to recognize signs of holiday stress in kids. Some signs of holiday anxiety might include:

Tears for seemingly minor reasons.

Nervous behaviors such as nail biting, hair twirling and acting out in anger.

Physical complaints, such as stomachaches, headaches, fatigue, diarrhea, etc.

Regression to younger behaviors: bed wetting, eating with hands.

Withdrawal from school friends or siblings.

Any behavior that your child doesn’t normally do could be a sign of holiday anxiety. If you notice any of these odd behaviors use the following holiday stress management tips that are most appropriate for your kid.

1. Take children out of the spotlight during holiday plays or performances and minimize overly busy activities. Remember that the holiday season can be busy enough without adding fuel to the fire. And Helping children cope with holiday stress involves knowing their personalities but also their limits.

2. Combine parties and get-togethers to reduce the time you spend partying. For instance, when family members want to see more of you this holiday season, rather than booking a seperate day for the vist, invite them to your kids Christmas party or school play instead.

3. Stick with routines as much as possible. Keep stressful holiday shopping and eating out to a minimum and start preparing for holidays early to avoid the rush.

4. Ask your children what makes them feel better. Do they wind down with music, reading, spending time with you or playing with siblings? To help children calm down during holidays, encourage them to do what they love and take part in the activity as well.

5. Make sure your children eat nutritious foods, drink lots of water, and get exercise. Reducing kids’ holiday stress is very similar to minimizing your own holiday anxiety.

6. Talk to your children about traditions. If you believe in Christ, focus on the real meaning of Christmas and God. If you have traditions, explain why they’ve stayed in your family. Get them involved and keep them involved.

7. Bring a favorite blanket or stuffed animal if you’re staying with family over the holidays. A bit of home will reduce your child’s holiday anxiety.

8. Cope with your own holiday anxiety. The less stress you feel, the more relaxed your children will be.

9. Volunteer at a food bank, kids’ hospital or community centre. Find ways to give to your community. Volunteering often relieves feelings of holiday anxiety and it is good for kids to learn.

10. Light the mood with funny movies, toboggan afternoons and cozy chats with hot chocolate.

So remember that the holiday season can be a cheerful and exciting time for both you and your kids when you take a few extra moments to ensure that the joy and excitement is not overshadowed by stress.

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