Sunday, April 7, 2013

Parts Therapy - Why We Do What We Do

A few years ago I was thinking about purchasing a canoe for my family and I. Like most folks, I began my journey by shopping around and doing some research. As I did so, I couldn’t help but to envision all of the fun times that lie ahead. The adventurous part of me dreamed about those perfect Sunday afternoon fishing trips and all those relaxing weekend paddling adventures, almost as if they were happening right then and there!

Now, the perfect ending to my story would have been to say that I simply took a chance and bought one, and I am having the time of my life.  However, being my first canoe ever, I quickly learned that simply jumping online and making a purchase wasn’t as easy a mental task as I thought it was going to be. I suddenly began to hear all these other voices going on inside my head.

My Economical Side: This part of my mind was telling me - sure, owning a canoe might be a blast. But you never owned one and you have very little knowledge and experience with them. How do you know for sure that you are getting a decent canoe at a fair price, without getting ripped off?

My Protection Side: This part of me was busy jumping in and warning me that having a canoe and getting it at a fair price is all well and good. However, some of them can flip over pretty easily, and I will be taking my wife and kids on this thing. So, even if you find one at a good price, is it also going to be sturdy and safe enough?

My Logical Side: After reading so many reviews, shopping around for all different models, and comparing different prices, this part of me began suggesting that I consider switching up and looking towards a small fishing boat instead of a canoe. After all, it wasn’t much more expensive.

Well...needless to say, my mind ended getting into such a conflict that before I knew it, November was here and I missed my opportunity for summer fun. However, my good old Economical Side spoke up again and reminded me that because winter was approaching, I might find a better deal since a canoe is more of a summertime seasonal item.

As you can see from my own personal story, we tend to wear many different hats as we walk through the path of life. Each part of us has their own job or function in the inner mind. The Parts Therapy concept is based on the fact that our personality is composed of a number of personality parts, which are aspects of the subconscious mind.

Parts Therapy is a wonderful method of hypnotherapy. It often works when other methods have not. We all have inner conflicts where one part of us tells us to do one thing such as eat a few more chips or light that cigarette, and another part of us is reminding us that these are not healthy choices.

Parts therapy is not only extremely effective, but extremely enlightening! Most of us have no idea why we continue to do what we do, but through Parts Therapy, we can understand ourselves and our subconscious motivations much better. During Parts Therapy, a hypnotherapist speaks directly to the conflicting parts of the client to learn why they support the client in the way that they do, and then asks what the parts would desire from each other to make positive changes.

So the next time you make any simple decision or choice in your life, remember that there were actually several different parts of your mind that had a deciding factor in why you did what you did – or why you do what you do. Just be sure you follow the advice of the part that is right!

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