Saturday, April 27, 2013

Test Can Identify Mental Illness In 3 Minutes

Mental health conditions can be difficult to diagnose, with patients often going years without knowing what's wrong. What's more is that mood disorders may increase your heart attack risk and decrease your ability to recover from other illnesses like stroke, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and cancer.

A new test called the M3 screening may help identify a person's illness in just three minutes, and doctors say it could help save their life. Your M3 score will help you and/or your doctor understand if you have a treatable mood disorder, like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or post traumatic stress disorder. You can even monitor your score to see how your mental health is changing over time.

Test results are not a diagnosis but can tell people or their doctor if they should seek further treatment. Knowing you m3 can help you take control of your mental health, and tThere is no signup required, it's 100% confidential, and it's free. To take the M3 screening Click Here.  

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