Sunday, September 15, 2013

Why Hypnosis Results May Not Stick

It’s a classic tale – a client calls up and wants to do hypnosis.  Though some conversational investigation, I discover that they actually used hypnosis in the past for the same issue.  Further more, they continue to elaborate on how great it worked.  WAIT A MINUTE…if it worked so great, why are you calling us today?  This is the point, where the line suddenly goes silent.

So why is it that some folks who use hypnosis can see great initial success - but slip back to their old issues or problems in the future?  There are a few explanations for this.

1. Hypnosis doesn’t create immunity - For example, I can help a person who has a fear of dogs, rid themselves of that fear.  However, if they walk out of my office after their session, and on the way to their car they happen to get bit by a dog, they can easily redevelop another fear of dogs.  The same goes for smoking, weight loss, and other issues.  If I help you become a non-smoker, and 6 months down the road someone offers you a cigarette to which you accept, you are making the decision to return to smoking.  So as you can see, hypnosis can help you change behaviors and habits, but it does not make you immune to them.

2. Lack of follow up – I can’t stress enough that hypnosis is not some magical one-hour quick fix.  The main problem with hypnosis (if you want to call it a problem), is that it is fast.  In fact, most folks see results right after their first or second session, never to return.  The reality is that hypnosis is a process that filters out the negativity and implants the positive.  And sometimes, this cannot be fully accomplished in only one or two visits.  So although we do not promote long-term client relationships, if your Hypnotherapist recommends additional follow up sessions, it’s usually to benefit your long-term success.  And if you decide that things worked fine so there's no need to return - you could be taking a chance.

3. The wrong method - Approximately 97% of all Hypnotherapists use short-term hypnosis programs in their practice, such as Suggestion based hypnosis and Hypno-analysis.  On the up side - these programs seem to fix things quickly. However, on the down side - the majority of clients end up returning right back to their issue or problem in the future.  That’s why it’s so important to understand that when you visit a provider you’re NOT getting hypnosis – you are getting that providers method of doing hypnosis.  And simply put, some methods just work better than others.  

And there you have it – the reality is that when you have a better understanding of what hypnosis is and what it isn’t, then you will be able to completely reap all the great benefits and rewards that are associated with using it to create the life you always wanted.

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