Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Are Coupon Deal Websites Good For Your Hypnosis Practice?

Coupon deal websites like Groupon could be one way to promote YOUR hypnosis services.  Or they could COST you.  So, before you start offering $30 hypnosis sessions on these websites consider this…

Everything serves a purpose:

For example, if you’re just starting out, your purpose might be to get some warm bodies into your chair so you can get more experience and build your skills.

Also, if business is slow, your purpose may be to offer some quick deals in an effort to get a few more paying clients to help cover the monthly bills.

Finally, if your purpose is to compile a few testimonials for your website, offering a discount in exchange for some positive feedback might be an effective way to getting some.

Whatever your needs and goals may be, you just need to be clear in setting conditions of the deal while having a strategy.   

However, it’s NOT a smart way to conduct normal business:

Sure, getting a flood of new “clients” to help put a few dollars in your pocket, and offering a deal in exchange some kind words may sound like a win-win situation for everyone.  But there are a few drawbacks to this fairy tale.

The main one to consider is that the majority of people who take advantage of these coupon offer websites are bargain hunters.  In fact, since they would never be willing to pay your usual fee, getting a “deal” is really the only benefit they’re interested in.

What's more is that since they are bargain hunter shoppers at heart, they will usually expect you to bend over backwards by demanding an even higher level of attention than a regular client who just happened upon your website.

The next thing to consider is your reputation.  Once you elect to list your services on these websites, in the eyes of the ad reader, you are not a quality Hypnotherapist who offers a great service that changes lives - instead you are a bargain hypnotist who offers cheap deals to get more customers.  Sorry but that is the reality.         

And the last problem is that offering select people a discount it is not a consistent way of doing business.  Word of mouth in business seems to travel quickly, and this could irritate your regular clients who find out that they paid more simply because they were not lucky enough to find your coupon ad online.  So, you may need to get ready to offer some partial refunds if the word gets out.

In the end, there is nothing wrong with using these websites if you are simply running a special, releasing a new product, or just starting out in business.  Also, you should include any specials directly on your website to give ALL potential clients the same opportunity to take advantage of any deals you are offering.  However, if you are an established professional in the field, using these websites to simply scoop up more business can end up doing more harm than good because this is what will set the public tone for what type of hypnosis provider you are...

"The Discount Provider" or "The Experienced Professional."

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