Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Computer Mind - Delete Files

Our human minds can be our best friend or our worst enemy. The mind can help push us forward to achieve more in life or it can hold us back. It can often help us make many good decisions, but it can also sometimes talk us into making bad choices. But the good news is that the mind is not just a bunch of uncontrollable thought patterns that can not accept change. We can learn to reprogram our minds and in turn, remove the negativity while feeding it what good positive thoughts.

People often associate the human mind as being similar to a computer, and that comparison is so true. The human mind and a personal computer operate in very similar ways. Computers process information and run applications on command just like the human mind. And just like a computer, the human mind captures photos in our memories, downloads music into our thoughts and stores information just like a hard drive does on your PC.

Now, If you take a computer, install some good quality software on it and keep it free from junk files, malicious programs and corrupted data, it can be a very useful and productive tool. On the other hand, if your computer over time gets infected with a bunch of spy-ware and viruses, it will begin to malfunction and will start running slower and slower until one day…it finally crashes.

Now, we can not simply avoid using our PC for fear of having problems with. So instead, we take steps to protect and maintain our computers by periodically clearing out the junk files, bad programs and viruses if and when we happen to get infected by them. And just the same as maintaining our computers, we also need to maintain our minds by doing the same. Every so often we need to clear out the negativity, bad habits and poisons that our minds accumulate over the years.

In do so, the result is a better running computer or in terms of using hypnosis for change, a clearer mind. When your computer is running smoothly, you notice that you tend to enjoy using it more often. The same goes for the human mind. When your thoughts are clear of junk and negativity, you will find that you tend to enjoy the good things in life a bit more. And although just like there will always be viruses that can infect our computers, when life obstacles and barriers pop up, your mind is clearer and will be able to accept the challenge using a more rational way of thinking resulting in a more positive outcome.

So, before you run out and purchase the next best anti-virus for your PC ask yourself this…isn’t it about time that you consider erasing all of the negative “cookies” and “temporary internet files” from the most important computer in your life…your mind?

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