Friday, January 29, 2010

Choosing a Hypnotherapist

Before we begin, we want to start by saying that we would certainly hope that everyone who is seeking hypnotic treatment would choose Positive Change Hypnotherapy for his or her needs. However, we do live in the real world so we are going to be realistic about it. There are a lot of hypnosis companies out there that people can choose to receive their service from. And so we wanted to write this article in hope of helping people make the right choice when choosing a Hypnotherapist.

If you do an Internet search for hypnotherapy or hypnosis you are bound to find more websites than you can handle. This is because nowadays, more and more people are beginning to realize the power of hypnosis. And because of this, many people are jumping on board the hypnosis bandwagon by setting up websites to sell hypnotic related materials and service.

Because there seems to be so many companies available on the Internet the good and bad news is that you are left with lots of choices. We say “good” and “bad” because having lots of choices is fine, however it can also leave some people feeling overwhelmed. For example, picture yourself walking into an automobile tire store. You are there looking to buy new tires for your car. Now, upon walking in you find a wall of 10,000 plus tires to choose from. Where do you even begin?

Well chances are, you are very well not going to research all the information on all 10,000 tires. Instead you would do like most people and find the first available associate to assist you. Well we wrote this article in hopes of being that very same associate who will help you choose the best service provider for your hypnosis needs.

Here are some tips to help you out.

1. Audio’s or live sessions? You will first want to determine if you are looking for pre-recorded audio items or live therapy. On the surface pre-recorded hypnosis items may seem like a good choice because often times they are less expensive and more private than live therapy. However you will want to keep in mind that with pre-recorded hypnosis products, one size fits all. And because of this, they may not work for you. For example, if you are seeking hypnosis for weight loss, your weight problem may really have more to do with stress in your life. And so the correct form of treatment may actually be a stress reliever. Pre-recorded items can not determine what the real problem is. And so this is one major factor that you will want to consider before spending money on pre-recorded hypnosis products.

2. Another problem with pre-recorded hypnosis products is that many companies only sell these items for other companies and do not actually create the recorded products. And since they are only selling these products, whet kind of service will you receive if you are having problems or if the item isn’t working for you? Remember that if they are simply selling products for someone else, how much help can they really offer you if there is a problem? Therefore, we recommend only purchasing audio products from companies who make their own pre-recorded hypnosis products and at the same time, offer live practice. Companies who not only sell hypnosis items but also perform live hypnosis will have a better understanding of how pre-recorded hypnosis products actually work.

3. The cost of live sessions. Although it is unrealistic to say that money is no object you may not always want to opt for the cheapest service provider. The general rule of thumb is that in most areas of the country, service prices should be relatively close to that of the competition. If a single company is charging way more than everyone else in their area you should question why this is. On the flip side if everyone else is close in range and a single company is charging way less, there also could be reasons. Maybe they are a new practitioner or maybe business is slow for them and for a reason. Specials and periodic discounts are fine but beware of extreme discount offers, as this just might really be an act of desperation. Remember that just like anything else in life, with hypnosis treatment you get what you pay for. So buyer beware.

4. Do judge a book by its cover. If you visit a doctor or hospital website you will notice that it does not look like a giant advertisement page. Hypnotherapy is a practice just like any therapy practice. A hypnotherapy website may sell products and services but ultimately it should have a professional look to it. Most business websites have one common goal. That is to attract clients and/or business. But to be honest, if you came across a hospital website with a bunch of sale banner ads that scream “lowest price” or “big discounts” on open heart surgery, you would most likely not feel very secure going there. A real Hypnotherapist uses their website as an extended business card and not an advertisement page.

5. Will they answer your questions? Most people who opt to seek hypnosis treatment have many questions about the service and/or treatment itself. Therefore, when you call them on the telephone are they willing to talk to you? Or does it seem like their only goal is to get the appointment booked? A good therapist should take the time to answer your questions and address any concerns up front. If your questions are lengthy and could take excessive time, they may have you come in person rather than do it over the phone. But ultimately, if they are not willing to answer basic questions over the phone move onto another company.

6. The last and most important thing to consider is sincerity. Now this may seem like an obvious thing but you want to choose a company that is genuinely there for your success. For example our company offers 24/7 emergency paging service, our informational article blog, radio shows and free advice to many in need. Now, please do not misunderstand us. We are a “for profit” company and are in business to earn a living. But these are some examples of how we offer a lot of free services and tools to help people because we also care about success. So yes we require paying clients in order for our business to survive. But with us, it is also not just about making a profit.

So in closing, some folks may offer different tips such as asking for references, training certificates and such, which is fine. However, we wanted to provide real tips that can truly help you make better decisions. You should feel confident that you are dealing with a reputable company. However, when was the last time you walked into health clinic with a bad cold and demanded references before letting them treat you and prescribe medication to you? Or when was the last time you went to a dentist and refused to have your teeth cleaned until he or she produced a copy of the dental school diploma? We are fully certified and display our credentials with pride. However, paper certificates do not determine quality nor do they guarantee the lever of service that you receive from any company.

Anyway, we hope these tips and pointers will help you in choosing a professional and qualified Hypnotherapist for your needs.

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