Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Do we really control all of our actions?

Nobody likes the feeling of being out of control. After all, it sort of makes us feel powerless to make our own decisions. Therefore, we like to think that we perform every action in life on our own accord when nothing can be further from the truth.

Your see, your subconscious mind is a funny part of your brain. You actually need it to live, survive and grow as a human being. It stores a lot if useful information for us and actually makes us much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. But remember that we called it "funny" for a reason.

Your subconscious mind can also be your worst enemy because it will decide things without using any constructive reasoning whatsoever. For example, it DOES NOT like change and it will fight you tooth and nail when it comes down to it. It will also prevail as the winner most of the time. This is exactly what happens when we try to quit a bad habit or make some type of life change. Although your conscious mind might be thinking, "this change is best for me" your subconscious mind is saying, "nope…I don’t like it or I won’t allow it."

Here is a prime example. You decide that want to do or change something in your life. So you might begin by researching different avenues to help you accomplish this goal. All the time while you are looking, researching, browsing and comparing different items or tools, your subconscious mind is filling your head with doubt. "That won’t work", "that is too expensive", "I need something different", "I am only going fail again", "maybe I should look elsewhere" are all examples of what you are hearing.

Now, many people reading this blog might be thinking that "THEY" are actually saying or thinking these things on their own, which in essence you really are. However, it is your subconscious mind that saying this to you and justifying your reasoning by making you feel at ease about doing the right thing so to speak. So in many cases you are truly not deciding for yourself.

It is exactly the same as how we know that smoking a cigarette is bad for us, but we will light it up because our subconscious mind makes us believe it will make us feel calm and relaxed. Or how our subconscious mind makes us feel like drinking alcohol will help us cope easier with life problems.

So at the end of the day after you have smoked those cigarettes and drank that alcohol, how much control did you really have to say NO to those things? You had just about as much control as you do when you really want to STOP doing those things but you can’t bring yourself to do so…very little control.

So if we have very little control, how can anyone actually change in life? The answer is simple. You have to teach yourself to ignore these inner messages as hard as it might seem, and you have to go for it! For example a person who is starting a business might ask himself or herself a million times before hand, "am I doing the right thing?" And although they may be having doubts they have to keep pushing forward and ignore these thoughts until finally they begin to see the positive results.

So in closing, although some decisions have good reasoning behind them such as refusing to try that Stop Smoking pill, which is known to have caused deaths, many decisions are automatically made for us such as using that Stop Smoking pill even though we know it has caused deaths. When your subconscious mind is misguided and lost, although it might take a little effort you can get it back on track. Only then will you be in total control of your actions.

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