Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Did you know that many of your employees are suffering?

Your company may be losing money and you may not even realize why!
Here is the scenario…you started your own business or maybe you are in a management position within an existing company. As a manager, business owner or company leader you may ultimately be in charge of company production or at least to some capacity, responsible for maintaining acceptable production goals and levels. Now, although you may be putting forward your best efforts in trying to attain positive results from your workforce you may sometimes feel like you are fighting an uphill battle.

So why is this? As company leaders we continue to utilize the “old hat” tactics of yesterday such as setting employee goals, trying to create employee motivation, running sales contests, even using brut force and scare tactics such as issuing employee warnings and reprimands for low production. Yet it continues to be a difficult task and in some cases, next to impossible to get your company to where it should be. Well the problem may lie within your workforce but for much different reasons than you may think.

So what is the problem? Troubled Employees = Diminished Work Ethics
Our current economy has taken a toll on the personal lives of many of your employees. Home foreclosure rates are up, divorce rates are increasing and many of your employees are experiencing severe financial hardship. To put it in simple terms, behind those Monday morning smiling faces, many of your employees are losing their homes, their families and their will to succeed. Personal problems can often lead to anxiety and depression which can cause employees to miss work and not be at 100% all of the time.

So how does this affect your business? Diminished Work Ethics = Low Profits
Back in the day, we used to tell employees to leave their personal problems “at the door.” Unfortunately, since these tuff economic times are affecting just about everyone, this approach is no longer realistic. And so it is only natural that when our employees are having problems outside of the workplace, it automatically gets carried onto the job. Sure employees may do a good job of hiding it, but personal problems will eventually begin to show through a lack of motivation, reduced self-confidence levels and very little desire to achieve success. Remember that these people are your workforce. And when your workforce is hurting…your business is going to feel the pain.

So how can hypnosis help? Happy Employees + Better Work Ethics = Greater Company Profits
Hypnosis can help people relieve stress, regain their self-confidence, boost their self-esteem levels and much more. For example, the majority of our clients are employed and have jobs which means that when we assist a client with their personal needs we are also in essence, helping their employer by creating a happy and well-balanced employee who is therefore more confident and productive at their job. The final result is that our client feels better and their employer also benefits from this outcome.

The fact is that more of today’s business owners are beginning to realize that the power of hypnosis, although not a “fix all” for every single problem, can certainly help with a lot of issues. Because of this, many companies have turned to offering group hypnosis sessions to their employees that are interested. For example some companies may offer their sales team the opportunity to participate in a confidence building session. The company will often receive a group rate price and at the same time, is offering a tool that can help their sales team achieve greater results for the company.

The bottom line is that overall, people want to do a good job and accomplish more in life. However, it is also a reality that when an employee is spending most of their workday wondering how they are going to pay bills or worrying about going through that foreclosure process, it is naturally difficult to focus on doing the best job that they can. Using hypnosis to take a little bit of the edge off by creating some life balance for employees means better business for you.

Offer Hypnosis To Help Your Employees

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